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What is a building with thermal insulation material?
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One of insulation heat preservation and heat insulation materials, building insulation engineering is part of the thermal insulation engineering, thermal insulation material is usually a qualitative light, loose and porous, small coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials, in the winter to prevent from indoor to outdoor heat insulation material, commonly referred to as thermal insulation material, in order to isolate the sun in the summer of radiant heat and outdoor temperature of materials known as thermal insulation material.


Thermal insulation material, since humans out of the hole in the natural stone, such as vegetation building, in order to achieve thermal insulation for the purpose of the original heat insulation material, has a history of thousands of years, the rock wool thermal insulation material in the modern sense, it began from the 1760 s after the industrial revolution, as the workshop handicraft industry on the basis of manual labor, into the machine big industrial age development needs surface and gradually developed, has been 150 years of history, in the 1970 s, began to appear since the worldwide energy crisis to the development of energy-saving led heat preservation material news fast, at the same time also contributed to the heat preservation material varieties, superior bad discard eliminated some thermal efficiency is not high efficient thermal insulation materials

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