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The building exterior insulation used rock wool products standards
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Exterior insulation construction process of fire accident to the people's life and property security caused heavy losses and influence。 On March 14, the ministry of public security fire department issued this year [2011] no。 2011 of the civil building external thermal insulation materials on further clear notice of fire supervision and management of the relevant requirements, regulations "in the prior to the release of the new standard, strictly implement the civil building external thermal insulation system and the interim provisions on the exterior wall decoration fire (male pass word [2009] no。 46) stipulated in article 2, civil construction, combustion performance external thermal insulation material used for the grade A (non-combustible material"。


In order to carry out the spirit of no. 65, to help the construction unit in the construction of external thermal insulation engineering construction in the correct use of rock wool thermal insulation material, fully understand the performance requirements of rock wool in exterior insulation, the insulation standardization technical committee on May 10 ~ 11 in ning successfully hosted the GB/T25975-2010 "building exterior insulation used rock wool products" national standards for stable cross training. The standard was promulgated on January 10, 2011, officially implemented on 1 October.


Participate in the activities of the rock wool manufacturers, the exterior insulation system suppliers, construction units, departments and relevant enterprises on behalf of more than 150 people, reflects the from all walks of life to building exterior insulation with non-combustible insulation materials.


At present our country although the output of rock wool products already have a certain scale, but can conform to the requirements of the standard, really can be safely used in exterior insulation yanmian products output is small。 According to a rough estimate at present, China's construction market, the demand for high quality rock wool is 1 million tons, and can meet the standard requirements of less than 10%, so much demand brings bigger development。 The good and evil people mixed up in the process of development, however, hard to avoid, mud and sand flow together。


Hope, therefore, enterprises can seize the good opportunity for the development of the exterior wall thermal insulation materials noncombustible, also wants companies to strengthen self-discipline, continuously strengthen technical innovation, in strict accordance with the building exterior insulation with rock wool products, the requirements of national standard, only in this way can enterprises better, exterior insulation in China can truly be developed。 , of course, from the point of external thermal insulation of building industry development in our country, in addition to the heat preservation material reach the standard, also need to strengthen the construction of strict regulation and building specification of external thermal insulation system, realize the parties cooperate manages concertedly, realize the safety of the building external thermal insulation and energy saving in our country。



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