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Glass wool felt with rock wool board performance comparison
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For often contact people in building material, glass wool felt with rock wool board is the most common two kinds of sound insulation, heat preservation material types.

1. Acoustic performance is sound insulation performance, the overall sound insulation performance of the two kinds of material is the same;

2. Cost performance. With the volume of glass wool felt with rock wool board price is the same, but the glass wool felt in transportation and processing cost is far lower than rock wool board, so the performance-to-price ratio is high or glass wool blanket.

3。 Water resistance。 Glass wool felt with the addition of glass fiber, so in terms of water resistance performance is much better than rock wool board。 Even after the heavy rain, glass cotton blanket can still keep his good performance。

4. About the durability. Glass wool blanket use fixed number of year for 30 years, the general and rock wool board fixed number of year for 10 years or so


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