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Shenzhen Petersburg composite materials co., LTD is a production, processing, thermal insulation composite materials of private enterprises. My company technical production and German HKO group have close relations of cooperation, the main production of various high temperature of fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing material. Products are widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, aerospace, Marine, automotive, industrial, building, oil pipelines, and other fields.
Now our company production and operation of fire insulation material resistant to high temperature of 350 to 1200 degrees Celsius temperature, heat preservation and heat insulation can meet the industry more fire protection requirements. Products are divided into heat preservation cotton class (glass fiber needle felt, fiberglass insulation cotton, fiberglass insulation cotton, centrifugal glass wool, ceramic fiber cotton), industrial textile products (fireproof fabric, flame retardant cloth, glass fiber cloth, PU glass fiber coating cloth, impregnated cloth, glass fiber aluminum foil fire prevention cloth, all kinds of glass fiber cloth kind of processed products).
Thermal insulation engineering project: equipment insulation heat preservation, mechanical (machine insulation), pipe insulation, tank insulation, heat preservation valve cover, injection molding machine insulation, insulation, thermal insulation engineering.
Our company will be committed to our customers to solve every problem has a heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention.
Marketing policy: with advanced technology, scientific management, excellent quality, considerate service to meet customer demand.
Quality policy: strives for realism the innovation As good as it gets
Management policy: people-oriented Good for industrial
Company staff, with the world first-class quality, comprehensive and thoughtful idea, wholeheartedly welcome your presence!



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